Heidi Douglas with Key West Sunset

Heidi Douglas with Key West Sunset

Today was the annual 2 day open house at Brown’s Ferry Garden. Was able to get Carolina Lemon Squeezer, Rose F Kennedy, Can You Dig It, Wine and Cheese & Little Bluegill (most of those are newer daylily hybrids (and not much out of pocket thanks to Christmas gift certificates to Brown’s Ferry from my in-laws and the 25% open house sale). The image is of Heidi Douglas one of the owners of Brown’s Ferry and a great hybridizer and someone I’m glad to have gotten to know. Heidi is holding a sign for Key West Sunset (my hybrid) that she is planning to use for her hybridization program and maybe also sell the plant in the future in the nursery. Was very happy to see the double fan I sent her last year had propagated to 6 fans in a pot in the southern climate. Tripling the fans in one year is a very good sign for this daylily to be marketable. Very happy.

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