First bloom of 2014 and expanding the Garden

So one of my daylilies decided that it was already June and started blooming in the middle of May.    Buttered Popcorn (which can be seen all over the land next to public highways in North Carolina) is my first bloom of 2014!

Buttered Popcorn

Our lilac bush a “Miss Kim” is blooming and smells incredible.  I run my company from the room behind the Miss Kim and opening the window this time is a great sensory experience.    Also very pleased as this is my newest daylily bed I planted and they are all coming in nice and healthy.

Miss Kim lilac in bloom and our newest daylily bed

Finally … we ran out of room for new daylilies (insert silent screaming face here).   So my wonderful wife gave me permission to dig up the grass and expand one of our daylily beds to another 90 square feet for our display garden.

Expanding the Display Gardens at Galak’s Garden (work in progress)

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