Weatherman lied … Old Man Winter was not gone

So gearing up for a new daylily season … I’m excited. Last fall my garden was approved and we are now one of 10 official AHS National Daylily display gardens in Indiana ( ).

So I’ve been watching the weather forecast and 10 days ago the weatherman said that we should not drop below freezing again this year.

So I went out and cleaned up all the dead foliage and put down new part, got the fountain out from under the protective cover, pulled out the new official display garden sign and spent several days pulling my seedlings out from the garage and getting a new display bed planted.

Then I wake up to snow yesterday and ice today … sigh … thanks Weatherman! 🙂

Thankfully daylilies are fairly hardy so the overall damage should be minimal and nothing really expensive was planted. Just happy to be starting up again for the new season.

Frozen Fountain

Frozen Fountain

New Display Bed for 2014

New Display Bed for 2014 – 17 unregistered seedlings from several different local hybridizers

The main Display Circle - April 2014

The main Display Circle – April 2014. Was very happy to see that none of the daylilies died during our hard winter